My first date at Morimoto

After watching the transit of Venus and before our reservation for dinner, we decided to pass the time at the sake bar at Morimoto. Morimoto has their own junmai, ginjo, and daiginjo sakes. We got a flight to taste them all. It was a classic flight displaying the differences between the 3 polishing ratios from the same brewery and I was happy to be able to display this for Matthew. The sakes were the same but they got more fragrant the more you went down the line. Unfortunately I didnt like this sake very much so no matter how much more you opened up the flavor it was still rich and had a strong kuchi atari. Morimoto is very knowledgeable about food and pairing and Im sure this sake was carefully crafted (although I dont know who or how this sake was made), but this sake was not for me. In my experience, people who like whiskey or the harder stuff usually like what I dont. So as a general rule, if this is you, you may wanted to negate everything I say.

During dinner we got a bottle of Ozeki Yamadanishiki, a Tokubetsu Junmai, that was not as elegant as the sake at Morimoto but it was easier to drink and I enjoyed it more. Maybe someday I will come around.

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