Satsko with Pauly and Brian

Wanting to test out my sommelier skills of choosing the right sake for everyone’s palate, I asked my friends what they usually like to drink. Brian said something smooth and sweet (a man after my own heart) but Pauly was more of a whiskey man. My mind went straight the classic Dewazakura Oka for its smoothness and not overpowering licorice flavor but they didn’t have it so I went with my sake of the summer Masumi Arabashiri. It has made my list because I’m loving the mixing of types in sale lately especially nama genshu, and this is a particularly special one both being an Arabashiri, which is the first press, and being from the Masumi brewery, a brewery I was raised on. I think it was a good choice because a Nama is especially sweet and a genshu usually packs a punch. I could’ve also gone with a Nama nigori which also has nice dichotomy or a junmai from a cold region which is usually rich and smooth. I was tempted to get the taru that turned me but I wanted to start with something easier. Unfortunately the kitchen closed and finishing a big bottle between the three of us without food in our bellies was plenty. Of course we got beers after but polishing another bottle would’ve been a bit challenging. The boys seemed to like the Masumi Arabashiri but I think I will have to retire this favorite with the turning of the season and find a new go-to for fall and for next summer.

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