Celebrating my first trip to Asia at The Peak in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was such a magnificent and impressive city. I grew up in New York City and in some ways envied the tourists who were awed by the landscape and the energy that I found second nature. Hong Kong was the first place I have gone where I felt that way. The buildings were so much taller and newer and the apartments smaller and so clean and most importantly delicious. It truly left a very lasting impression on me. How could I not have some sake when vacationing in Hong Kong? It was the closest Ive been to Japan, SO FAR.

I have yet to make it to Japan but it has always been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and a goal in the next year. Sometime next year I hope to visit and possibly intern at a sake brewery in Japan, hopefully the spring so I can taste the first batch of namas. I can see it now, stirring the sake with a large wooden paddle, carefully gauging temperature, staying out late with the toji (brew master) with multiple bottles of sake and izakaya (Japanese tapas). It is a fantasy, I know, but maybe that is why I have put off this trip for so long. Fantasy no longer! I will make it to Japan for next spring!

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