Drinking a bottle of the fancy Pegasus sake with Jesse Salazar


Jesse, my long time sake and wine cohort, had saved a bottle of the very precious Hideyoshi Flying Pegasus to share with me. I am a very lucky girl! When you take this gem out of the multiple layers of impressive packaging, the bottle is quite possibly the most beautiful bottle of sake I have ever seen. Only 300 bottles are produced every year and a small percentage of those make it to New York from Akita. But how does it taste? It was very elegant and mellow for a koshu daiginjo. Koshu means its aged but not a taru which is aged in casks and has a more intense flavor. I would liken this bottle to a heritage bottle of wine that one would save in their cellar for years for its elegance and longevity but not the stinkiness that I associate with a very mature wine.

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